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Vantage offers a range of professional services, that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of clients.

> Strategy development and implementation

> Joint venture establishment and reviews
> Market research and planning
> Commercial project management
> Regional and industry development

Mergers and acquisitions advice
> Small & medium size enterprise investment advice
> Technology transfer management and facilitation
> Strategic governance

> Commercial dispute resolution

> Credit risk assessment and management advice
> Business turnaround and debtor management advice

Strategy development and implementation (organisation and industry)

Review of mission, strategies, structure and systems, internal performance benchmarks and culture. 
Analysis of key internal factors affecting the organisation or industry; purpose, strategy, functional operations, performance, resources and deployment.
Analysis of the external environment including important trends and competition.
Development, analysis and evaluation of strategic alternatives and organisational fit.
Preparation of strategic plan including goals, objectives, resources, operational tactics and financial forecasts.
Preparation of detailed action plan, outlining roles, responsibilities, milestones and targeted outcomes

Joint venture establishment and reviews

    Establishment of joint venture structures and strategies and drafting of agreements.

   Reviews of joint ventures' strategies, governance, structures, operations and IP commercialisation


Market research and planning

Primary and secondary qualitative B:B research in relation to organisations' or industry sectors' suppliers, customers, competitors and trends.
Development of potential scenarios confronting or impacting on a business or industry.

Commercial project management (capital development and infrastructure)

Project planning and strategy/policy development.
Coordination of interdisciplinary technical team members.
Coordination of external contractors.
Management of multiple stakeholder interests.
Communications management (internal and external).
Regulatory consent procurement.
Contract development, negotiation and management.
Chairing project team meetings.
Progress/variation oversight and reporting.

Regional and industry development

Development of regional and industry development plans and strategies
Feasibility studies for industry and regional initiatives eg Centres of Excellence, Innovation Centres, Industry Clusters
Analysis of the external environment including important trends and competition.
Consultation with affected parties and communications management.
Industry and sub-sector studies
Assessment of economic and financial impacts/implications of proposed projects.

Mergers and acquisitions advice

Setting protocols and designing due diligence processes.
Operational and financial analysis for valuation purposes.
Financial modeling and valuation methodologies.
Structuring offer documents.
Negotiations with counter-parties.

Small & medium size enterprise investment advice and management

Development of strategies and tactics for investing in high-growth businesses.
Identification of target opportunities.
Investment screening and analysis.
Acquisition and divestment negotiation, structuring and implementation.
Investment/portfolio management, administration and reporting.

Technology transfer management and facilitation

Evaluation of commercialisation options.
Structuring and coordination of commercialisation/technology transfer arrangements to minimise risk and enhance return.

Strategic governance

Development and implementation of best-practice governance procedures and policies.
Independent director representation.

Commercial dispute resolution

Representation of clients’ interests (across a range of sectors) in the resolution of major commercial disputes.
Identification of key issues and client objectives and determination and implementation of the optimum strategy for dispute resolution.
Provision of litigation support.
Management of legal, accounting and other professional advisors.
Independent mediation of commercial disputes involving two or more parties using LEADR techniques.

Credit risk assessment and management advice

Development of strategies and policies relevant to both public and private sector organisations.
Development of credit monitoring and control systems within existing contractual constraints utilizing both publicly available and confidential customer information.
Provision of credit risk assessment and management training.

Business turnaround and debtor management advice

Restructuring of business operations and financial position to ensure survival and ongoing viability.
Optimisation of debtor management and working capital.
Development of best practice systems for ensuring timely payment.
Review of billing, collection, relationship management, record keeping, dispute resolution processes and contractual provisions (relating to payment terms, default and credit risk).
Staff training in debtor management.

Our fees
We maintain a flexible approach toward fee structure. Fees can be priced on a daily, retainer, fixed-project or performance basis to suit the client’s specific circumstances and requirements.

Our credentials

Client and/or personal references can be arranged as required.